Midi skip services are the second type of skips which are available in two different sizes. One of them is 4 yards midi skip and the other one is 5 yards midi skip. Both are suitable for different waste collection such as domestic waste, catering waste, small restaurant waste, commercial shops waste etc. The price of the midi skips is between 176 to 240 pounds. It has a capacity of carrying waste up to 60 large black garbage bags.




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Skip Hire is a skip providing firm and we are offering services in all types of skips. There is a big range of skips that we are offering in the market with good features and excellence services. Waste management is one of the major necessities of life. When we talk about waste, environment safety is our first priority. In the United Kingdom, it is mandatory to follow all legal requirements shared by the Environmental Protection Authority. 

Skip Hire is fulfilling all must-have clauses of the rules and regulation published by Authority. We are socially responsible and submitting all waste after collection to recycling plants, where they share a certificate with all details. Same certificate we share with our customers. Customer’s requirements and needs are our first most priority and we strive to fulfil them.


Skip Hire offering prices considering different factors like areas, distance, size of skip and type of services. The rates are different for 4 yards midi skip hire and 5 yards midi skip hire. The prices mentioned here are in range and finalized after getting relevant information from the client but the final cost will be within the mentioned bracket. The cost of the 4 yards midi skip hire is 176 to 210 pounds.in contrast, the price of 5 yards midi skip is 214 to 240 pounds. The price varies as per the area and size of the skip.


There are two types of Midi Skips that are available in the United Kingdom, and these skips are 4 Yard Skip & 5 Yard Skip. All information related to 4 Yard Midi Skip Hire and 5 Yard Midi Skip Hire are given below;





Midi skips the first type with respect to its size is 4 yards skip. It is suitable to collect and remove waste from the house, garden, garage, small shops and DIY. The capacity of the 4 yards midi skip hire is slightly more than both mini skips, as it is 1 yard bigger in size. 

Skip Hire is offering 4 yards midi skip hire with 7ft x 5ft x 3 ft, length, width and height respectively. Moreover, it has the capacity of holding40 to 50 large bag bins without breaching the optimum filling level of midi skips. For more related products see below table.


4 YARD SKIP 40 – 50 LARGE BIN BAGS 7 x 5 x 3 £176  –  £214



5 yard
5 yard

The second option available in midi skip hire range is 5 yards midi skip. The size of 5 yards midi skip makes it acceptable more than any other skip. Because in 5 yards midi skip hire you can put even a door as its length is 7.5 feet and its 5 feet wider which makes it suitable for carrying a variety of waste. 

It is recommended to use during home relocation, house clean-up, renewal of doors and windows, garden cleaning etc. The capacity of midi skip is starting from 50 large bag bins and up to 60 large black bins can be thrown in it. If you have a bigger backyard then it can be placed in it easily. For more details related to 5 yards, midi skip sees below table.


5 YARD SKIP 50 – 60 LARGE BIN BAGS 7.5  x 5 x 3.5 £210  –  £240



Majority of the public prefer to hire midi skip because of their moderate size. It is not too small and not too large which makes it easy to handle and place. There are numbers of advantages of using midi skip and some of them are listed below;

Easy to Buy & Cost-Effective

Midi skip is cheaper as compared to its size and capacity of carrying amount of waste. Its price is just 176 to 210 pounds. If you compare attributes of 4 yards midi skip and 5 yards midi skip with price then it’s nothing.  The second reason which makes it cheap is its placement. Due to its smaller dimensions, it can easily fit inside your premises and due to this reason, you do not need to spend money on skip permit and this way it will be cost-effective.

Designing & Renovation of Home Garden

During the planning of renewal of your garden, there is one task that needs special attention and that is waste removal. The type of skips that are made for such purposes is midi skips. You can hire 4 yards or 5 yards midi skips as per your need. You can put grass, garbage, weeds, plants, broken pots and other types of debris in them. Mud and soil are also permitted to throw in them. All attributes of midi skips are the same, just the difference in their dimensions.

Redecoration or Refurbishment of Small Rooms

Sometimes we renew rooms as per our need. The theme of the room on the arrival of a newborn baby is very trending all over the world. Such small renovations required changes in furniture, wall colors, design of windows and furniture. If you are planning to throw old and broken items from the room and in need of a hurry to have a container for such waste collection. Then contact skip hire and hire a midi to skip for your waste removal. We will remove the waste on said date and time. Our services are available any time of the day and any day of the week.



Looking to hire a skip that will cost you the least? Then you will find Skip Hire will help you in saving money. We value your money and offer a £20 discount on all skip sizes instantly on your quote. So, hurry up! Book your quote and enjoy the discount offer.




Thorough Cleaning of the House

It’s in our culture to clean the house properly during season change or at least annually. This way we can get rid of extra waste and items from our home and at the same time cleaning our houses. During such activities or deep cleaning, we end up with a heavy amount of waste. 

Its disposal required a large container. Midi skips in 4 yards and 5 yards are the best option. You do not need to buy them rather you just hire and use. Skip hire.site is offering services on the weekdays and at weekends as well. So contact us and ask for more details.

Commercial Sites & Offices Waste

Timely removal of litter In commercial areas and offices is mandatory.  Otherwise, it ends up with a mess and also creates problems for visitors. Such areas required technical solutions as waste is not in that much quantity. Placement of skips in such locations also does not require to skip permit or license as midi skip can be placed in parking or backyard of the building. This way you can cut the cost to spend on waste collection. Skip hire.site is offering services in commercial areas as well.

Bathroom & Kitchen Reconstruction

Kitchen and bathroom required tile work and epoxy on shelves. During this, there is a heavy mess which needs to be thrown away to clean up the area. Broken tiles need a heavy-duty metal container to carry it but at the same time, it should not be enormous in size. Weight is heavy but covers less area. For this reason, midi skip hire with 5 yards is preferable for the uplifting of waste from your house. The same situation is in the case of the washroom. Because in both places, the type of waste is almost the same

Garage or Small Workshop Waste

With the change and development in technology, we are observed inclined in way of working. Everyone wants to do his own work by his own hands. For such activities, there are garage and small workshops in the houses like wooden work, DIY, small maintenance etc. Wooden waste from workshops and leftovers in the garage need solutions. Wooden waste is lighter in weight but covers a large area. For this reason 4 yards midi skip and 5 yards midi skips can be used for waste collection and removal from your area. 

Skip Hire is offering quality midi skips. A number of skips are available in stock to avoid a shortage of midi skips on the demand of customers. Therefore, you do not need to go anywhere else because we are offering solutions for waste management under one roof. Just contact our service department and share your demands.