The Builders skips are the larger skips than Midi and Mini skip. The builders skips are famous in the contractors and builders working in the UK. The builders skips can accommodate domestic and commercial customers together. At Skip Hire, we present the flexible builders sizes to our customers to serve their needs. The availability of the builders skips are in 6 yard builders skip, and 8 yard builders skips. These skips are great with massive and large substances.


Skip Hire, making it effortless to find an array of skips with reasonable prices. Our wide variety of skips will ensure the perfect type of skip delivery as per your demands. We provide guideline and assistance to our customers, including the information about skip hire, charges, dimensions, and skip permits, what you can and can’t put in the skips. These guidelines will ultimately save time and energy. 

Skip hire is a licensed and insured skip hire entity, working for many years in the regional market by contributing qualitative skip hire services to the region. Our skip hire services will assign you the opportunity to throw your unwanted waste, garden clear-outs, and all the waste which is creating a mess at your place. Our services are quite flexible, and we are also open 24/7, called today to get the best services available in your area.


Skip hire offers a comprehensive way to make a cleanout at your waste; hiring a builders skip hire would be an affordable way to get rid of your trash rapidly and efficiently. Numerous circumstances can influence a skip’s cost, including the size, waste you would be putting in the skip, and the location you would take the skip. Considering all these factors, we are offering cheap price ranges for builders skip hire. The price array for 6 yard builders skip hire is between £229 to £270, and The price array for 8 yard builders skip hire is between £211 to £280.


Skip Hire is presenting the builders skips in two dimensions, which are available everywhere in the UK. The available sizes of the builders skip are 6 and 8 yards. These skips are designed to entrain the massive and large substances.



The 6 yard builders skip is a well-known builders skip in the association of contractors and builders. The builders skips are ideal for building waste removal, and these can also be used with other domestic tasks. These skips are more suitable to dispose of a reasonable volume of waste, and these skips are ideal for domestic and commercial customers. A 6 yard Builders skip hire dimensions are 8ft long x 5ft wide x and 4ft high. The size of 6 yard builders skip hire makes it the perfect choice for the builders. The capacitance of a 6 yard builder skip is 60 to 70 black bin bags, making it the most popular skip among contractors. It is not only the capacity to host the trash, but it is also smartly designed to be placed to your site efficiently. To get the best services with our 6-yard builder skip services, contact us today to get the best available deal. 








10 x 4 x 4

£229  –  £270



The 8 yard builders skip hire is the larger skip available in the array of builders skips. An 8 yard skip is quite useful for sizable quantitative waste generated on building sites. These skips are a superb alternative for the disposal of reasonable volumes of building debris. The dimensions of the 8 yard builder skip are  10ft long x 5ft wide x and 4ft high, with these dimensions it makes it massive in capacitance. The 8 yard builder skip can carry 80 to 90 black bin bags approximately.

The 8 yard builder skip is a common choice of industrial consumers, which allows them to get rid of colossal waste produced by building and construction projects. The domestic customers also use these skips for multiple purposes such as home renovations, garden clearance, office clearance, bathroom restoration and large home renovations projects. The 8 yard builder skip is kind of an one way solution to the customers.








12  x 6 x 4.5

£211  –  £280


The Builder skip’s help to remove the waste, and the skips also save a large amount of time and energy. The builder skips are offering numerous benefits to the customer from domestic and commercial sectors, some of the services discussed below;

Large & Bulky Materials

The builders skips are suitable for large and bulky substances. The Mini and the Midi skips can’t handle such heavy and massive substances. The builders skips are the appropriate choice for taking such heavy and bulky substances. The waste generated from construction and building sites can be easily stored in the Builders skips. This bulky waste contains construction waste, demolition waste, bricks, soil and building or office renovation.


The builders skip hire will help save your time and money, which will reduce the number of your efforts while removing your waste and giving relief as well. This skip hire is the most cost-effective and comfortable way to dispose of your trash. Hiring the skips allows you to sit back and relax, and the rest of the task has been done by the professionals. The skip hire also reduces your transportation expenses because you don’t need to transport your waste by yourself and you don’t need to hire a vehicle for it, all the process is done during the skip hire.


Imagine filling the trash into the bins manually? It could cause injuries to hurt you. It can quickly happen because of broken glass, or a sharp piece of metal and can cause injuries. Therefore hiring a skip would make the whole process safer because the skip hire company‘s professionals would execute all the actions. Our team at skip hire is a bunch of professionals we know well how to dispose of your waste quickly and efficiently. We are working to provide our services safely and reliably for the safety and protection of our customers.


Are you looking to hire a builders skip? We are one of the most reliable in the skip hire services. Our charges for the builders skips are unbeatable. Hurry up! Call us to book your builders skip today. We will assign you a 20 pounds discount instantly.


The builder arrays of skips contain two different sized skips; the extra size allows the customer to hire the skips according to their demands. The size of these skips is best for the waste generated by constructions sites and building sites. The more common builder skip used with the building is the 6 yard builder skip. The 6 yard builder skip hire is the part of Builder skips family with 8 yard builder skip. These size dimensions make them the perfect choice of builders and contractors. It has the strength to be placed at any site easily.


The builder skips would provide you with the ease of storing your waste in the skip instead of taking every single item to the local waste transfer station. With our skips you can mix the materials inside, you are allowed to put rubble, wood and plastic together. Once the skip has taken to our waste transfer station, we will segregate the materials and sort them into different channels. The substances that can be recycled will be sent to their appropriate sections, and rest will be sent for disposal. So hiring a skip would take all of your responsibilities of waste handling.

Building Safety

The 8 yard builder skips are suitable with the construction and building sites. If there is no skip placed at the construction site or building site in the building process, this waste may hurt anyone. These injuries can be very severe in some cases like slip and trip or items fallen may cause serious injuries. That’s why the builder skips are essential with the buildings and constructions sites to ensure your safety. Hiring a skip is suitable for the protection, but this will also provide the smooth functionality of the construction work.


Hiring the builder skips would be great to pay back our efforts to the environment. Because if we dispose of our waste anywhere illegally at any nearby empty palace or plot, this will create pollution. The pollution can have critical outcomes to the plants, animals and humans, and even such a polluted place is not suitable for farming. Because this kind of site will not produce healthy fruits and vegetables, and whosoever would be eating these vegetables and fruits can quickly get sick. Therefore, it’s crucial to put the trash into the proper place and then dispose of it properly.