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Skip Sizes

We’re providing all kinds of skip sizes that are suitable for you like we offer is from the mini 2 yards skip up to the Roll-on & Roll-off 40 yards skip.

Skip Prices

The skip prices start from £126 to £1045. Now you can get a £20 discount straight away on all skip sizes by just comparing the skip-hire prices.


All the obligatory frequently asked questions are already updated for your guidance. Our customer support is available 24/7.

skip hire site size
skip hire site size


There are different skip sizes, proportions, and structures to fill the essential. You can enjoy a £20 discount on all skip sizes available at Skip Hire. All the Skip Hire prices are mentioned so that you can choose your skip immediately.


Skip hire can be fixed anywhere at home because it depends on the size of the skip you need for your project. you can move them from one​ the place to another if you don’t have space to keep it you’ve to take permission from the local council otherwise fines will be charged if the rules are not followed.


All skips are supposed to be placed in private land if you don’t have a place to keep the skip in your property then you have to get the authorization from the local council for your skip permit and you will be charged for public property.

Also, fines will be charged for any kind of illegal activity. It is necessary to take permission from the local council without that we are not authorized to do work. We can get a permit on the behalf of our customers, but the customers should pay for it.


Skip Hire offers a £20 discount on all skip sizes with the quality skip hire services. A team of highly skilled with customer support is available 24/7 to assist you regarding all the queries about hiring a skip.



There are different prices for different skips. The smallest size which is very famous among the domestic and small commercial users is the 2-yard skip and the largest skip size which is available at Skip Hire is the 40-yard skip size. The skip hire prices are not the same in every place. If you are looking for affordable skip sizes, Skip Hire offers a £20 discount with competitive rates as compared to the market.

For instance, if you hire 10-yard skips you will be charged around £258-£364 but you will find changes in rates in different cities of the UK. For providing the best service to their customer the authority has made these skips available everywhere in the UK for customer satisfaction.

2 yard & 3 yard


4 yard & 6 yard

Builder Skip
8 yard & 10

Maxi Skip
12 yard & 18 yard

20 yard &40 yard




These are the little skip sizes in which 2 yards or 3 yards are available; they are used for a small amount of trash. These are used for shifting purposes from one place to another, people or consumers can use these skips for transportation of their material from one house to another. it can be used for garden waste, house or garage clearance, renovation projects, and commercial use as well. Mini skips can be placed anywhere at home like a bathroom, kitchen, or in the bedroom. The capacity of 2 yards skips sizes are up to 20-30 black bin and 3 yards skips sizes are up to 30-40 black binate dimensions of the 2 yards are 4 ft weight x 5 ft length x 3 ft height. The dimension of the 3 yards is 6-meter long x 4-meter width x 3-meter height.





Midi skip size is middle size skips, it is the most compact skip size it is great for small projects and it is easy to load and accessible. It is the dimensions you see on the uptown road. These are the middle skip sizes and it comes up with a 4-yard skip and 5 yards skip. It can carry all the trash off the house and it can remove an average amount of trash. It can be used in different types of small demolition projects to carry a huge amount of trash. 40-50 large black bin bags can be a snag in 4-yard skip sizes and in addition to 5-yard skips can hold up to 50-60 large black bin bags. These are useful for every type of trash. The approx dimensions 183cm (length) x 135cm (width) x 92cm (height)




Builder Skip

This is one of the largest skips. It is usually used in construction sites and it can catch a huge amount of waste at a time these skips come in a 6-yard skip and 8-yard skip.  Builder skips are usually hired by builders of the UK.  It is specially designed for massive waste removal to dispose of waste ejection. People can use these skips to remover bage from their homes or manufacturing sites. 6-yard builder skips can carry almost 60-70 rubbish bags. More than 80 black garbage bags can be put into the 8-yard skip. The approx dimension for a 6-yard skip has 2.29m length x 1.52m width x 1.07m height and for an 8-yard skip, the dimension is 3.66m length x 1.83m width x1.37m height.




Maxi Skip

Maxi skips are the next sizes to builders skips. It presents itself with 10,12,14,16 and 18 skips yard It is very helpful to get rid of a large amount of Unwanted wastage and for the clearance of the bulky waste from office or house.  10-yard skips can hold 10-110 black bag bins, 12-yard skips can handle up to 120-130 black bag bins full of debris 14-yard skips can carry almost 140-150 black. A 16-yard skip can carry up to 170-180 black bag bins and 18 skips can hold 190-200 black bag bins. The approx. dimension for  10 yard is 12 ft length x 6 ft width x 6 ft height (3.66m x 1.83m x 1.83m) ,the dimension for 12 yard skip is 13 ft length x 6 ft width x 6.5 ft height (3.96m x 1.83m x 1.98m). The dimension for a 14-yard skip is 3.96m x 1.98m x 1.98m. 16-yard skip is 4.11m long x 1.83m wide x 1.98m high. The dimension for an 18-yard skip is 4.11m long x 1.98m wide x 2.13m high.





Roll-On & Roll-Off skips are huge skips used to take out an incredible amount of waste. The largest skips are obtainable in the UK. Roll-On & Roll-Off skips arise up with 20-yard skips, 25-yard skips, 30-yard skips, and 40 yards skips. These skips are the most well-known for different jobs of a massive quantity of unwanted substances. A 20-yard skip can take up 200 black bag bins. 25 skip yards can hold up to 275 waste bags in it and the 30 skips yards can carry almost 330 black bag bins and 35-yard skips can carry almost 440 black bag bins. The approx. dimensions of a 25-yard skip are 20-meter length x 8ft width x 5-meter height (6.10m x 2.44m x 1.52m) and for the 30 yards skip the dimensions are 20meter. length x 8-meter. width x 6.5 meter height (6.10m x 2.44m x 1.98).




Lockable Skip

These skips allow the trash or waste to become safe and save them for recycling purposes. lockable skips are more remarkable than the RORO skips, and they can sustain more trash. Through these lockable ships, thereis less chance of pollution or harming the environment. Sometimes it’s difficult to select the ideal skip but the lockable ones are one of the best skis to choose.These ships enable customers or consumers to protect their waste material from getting replaced or stolen. They can store their waste in the lockable skips for future use without any problem. It is safe and secure. The best thing in lockable skip size is that all kinds of sizes are available.




We claim to be the cheapest skip hire service provider of skip sizes nearyou. our pricesare competitively low as compared to our rivals in the skip hire industry. you can comparethe prices with other companies.Save your money and let the waste management to Skip Hire




Skip Dimension Capacity Approximate Price
2 Yard Skip 20 – 30 Bags £126 – £271
3 Yard Skip 30 – 40 Bags £158 – £271
4 Yard Skip 40 – 50 Bags £176 – £214
6 Yard Skip 50 – 60 Bags £229 – £270
8 Yard Skip 60 – 70 Bags £211 – £280
10 Yard Skip 80 – 90 Bags £258 – £364
12 Yard Skip 120 – 130 Bags £277 – £367
14 Yard Skip 140 – 150 Bags £303 – £450
16 Yard Skip 170 – 180 Bags £316 – £525


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